The other night I had a dream. In that dream I got up in the morning, stumbled downstairs, started the coffee and turned on the radio…nothing but static. I turned the dial, nothing but static. I tried 101.7FM, 90.1 FM…nothing but static. I was a bit frantic, what happened to KRBD? Where was NPR Morning Edition? The local news with Eric Stone, Leila Kheiry or Maria Dudzak? What about the morning weather report? I felt alone, disconnected and truthfully, wasn’t sure what coat to wear that day. It was so horrifying; I woke up before the inevitable happened.

Most everyone on Prince of Wales knows me from my years at the Voyageur Bookstore in Craig. Now, I’m a devoted grandmother to three beautiful girls, avid gardener, wine maker and bean counter for 5 POW businesses. I also continue my passion for community involvement and support. One way I do that is by being involved as your representative from POW Island to the KRBD Board of Directors. I do so because I want KRBD to thrive and continue providing POW with quality broadcasting from emergency information, reliable news, local basketball games, Almost Live from TB, Victoria’s Craig community announcements and so much more.

I’m a dedicated KRBD supporter of over 20 years and during these pandemic times I feel even more, the importance of the news, information and much needed entertainment their broadcasts provide. So, if you listen to KRBD and rely on it, as I do, please buy a raffle ticket (or two or three) from me. You can email me: or give me a text or call 907-401-0412. Let’s keep KRBD alive on POW!

For information about KRBD’s Birthday Raffle, and to buy tickets online, click here.