Ketchikan’s COVID-19 dashboard as of Monday evening showed that 27 people had tested positive in Ketchikan, including four travelers that continued on to other destinations. (Screenshot by Eric Stone/KRBD)

Two out-of-state employees at different Ketchikan seafood processing plants tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday and are now in isolation. That’s according to Ketchikan’s emergency operations center. Both individuals have cooperated with their employers’ state-approved pandemic mitigation plans, officials say.

One of the workers initially tested negative June 15 but on Monday tested positive. That individual is reportedly not showing symptoms.

The second seafood worker has reportedly been in quarantine since arriving in Ketchikan on Saturday and exhibiting symptoms of the virus. A Monday test turned up positive.

Monday’s two new cases bring the total of seafood industry workers in Ketchikan to at least three as of Tuesday. More than two dozen people have tested positive in Ketchikan. Most have recovered.