Authorities say they’ve seized another parcel stuffed with narcotics in the U.S. Mail. That’s according to a Wednesday statement from the Ketchikan Police Department.

Postal inspectors reportedly intercepted a package of methamphetamine and cocaine bound for a Park Avenue residence last Thursday, July 2. Ketchikan police say Alaska State Troopers’ drug dogs helped sniff out the parcel, which they say contained half a pound of methamphetamine and a small amount of cocaine.

Now, Ketchikan resident Anthony Love faces two felony counts of drug possession with the intent to distribute. He was released on his own recognizance pending a court appearance, according to Ketchikan police and the state’s prisoner database.

It’s the second case of someone allegedly receiving large amounts of illegal drugs in the mail in a two-week period. On June 19, police arrested a California man who they say arranged a shipment of opioids and heroin to Ketchikan. That suspect remains in custody pending a bail hearing set for Thursday.

Ketchikan’s detectives say they’re receiving assistance from the FBI.