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Email address:

Best way to contact you:

What groups and organizations have you been involved with?

Why are you interested in working with the KRBD Board?

KRBD’s board is a working board of dedicated volunteers. Our board members sell raffle tickets, help plan, organize and run fundraising events, help during pledge drives and much more. What are some of your strengths, and what kind of time commitment can you offer to the board?

KRBD Board Member Commitment

KRBD strives to have board members as diverse in their skills, backgrounds, opinions and areas of interest as the community we serve. There are many ways board members can contribute to KRBD.

Standing committees include:

  • Finance committee
  • Events committee
  • Board recruitment committee
  • Ad-hoc committees as needed

Board member requirements include:

  • Must attend meetings and participate in board trainings as required by funding agency regulations. An absence of more than three regular meetings in a calendar year will trigger a review and could lead to replacement.
  • The board generally meets the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Board members serve three-year terms. They can serve no more than two full consecutive terms.
  • Board members must be a contributing member of KRBD.
  • Board members must participate in fundraising events.
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