March 10th, Ketchikan High School is holding its National Ocean Sciences Bowl Day to help its team, the Saber-toothed Salmon, prepare for the regional competition, the Alaska Tsunami Bowl. The head coach and team members were interviewed last week via Zoom. They all were masked and sharing a single computer, so, unfortunately, audio was difficult to understand at times. Here is part of that interview beginning with coach Keenan Sanderson explaining what National Ocean Science Bowl is.

The Kayhi National Ocean Sciences Bowl team. Top Row: Assistant Coach Laura Sherrill, Head Coach Keenan Sanderson, 8th grade participant Lucas Ramsey. Middle Row: Senior Jolie Powers, Sophomore Romel Del Mundo, Junior Kai Biagi. Bottom Row: Co-Captain/Junior Kaydence Dyson, Captain/Junior Ellie Pickrell (photo courtesy of Keenan Sanderson).