Ketchikan City Councilmember Janalee Gage filed for re-election Friday for a three-year seat on the council. She is also a volunteer DJ on KRBD.

Jai Mahtani, who serves on KRBD’s board of directors, has also declared his candidacy. There are two open seats on the council, the second seat is currently held by Sam Bergeron who as of Friday has not declared whether he’ll run.

Vice-mayor Dave Kiffer has filed to run for mayor. He’s a volunteer DJ on KRBD. The mayor’s seat is currently held by Bob Sivertsen, who has not indicated whether he’ll run again. Kiffer currently holds a seat on the council. His term expires in 2023. Should he be elected mayor, his seat would be vacant.

No one has filed yet for borough offices.

There are two-three year seats open on the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly. Those are currently held by Sven Westergard and Felix Wong. Wong cannot run for re-election due to term limits.

Three three-year seats are open on the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School Board. Those seats currently are held by Nichole Anderson, Kim Hodne and Doug Gregg. The seat held by Gregg was vacated by Sonya Skan earlier this year.

The deadline to file for local elected office is 5 p.m August 25. The election is October 5th.