KRBD’s annual meeting was Nov. 20, 2021.  Below is the recorded audio of the meeting, which was broadcast live starting at 5 p.m.

And if you prefer reading rather than listening, here are the reports provided during the broadcast:

Board President’s Report

Hello, my name is Grant EchoHawk, KRBD Board President and this report comes from the ancestral lands of the Saanya Kwaan and Taanta Kwaan Lingit people.

2021, like 2020, brought many unique challenges not only to the region and our community but to KRBD as well.   With these challenges came opportunities for our many communities to come together and for the KRBD staff to shine by adapting quickly to the needs of those communities.

The in-depth coverage from the KRBD news desk kept our listening communities well-informed of not only events happening in our region but also provided important and reliable updates on topics from our robust network of local non-profits, to municipal matters, and of course COVID-19.  Eric Stone, our new News Director, not only stayed diligent on covering the news but also took on the training and development of two interns who were also vital in helping KRBD provide the best possible service to our listening communities.

With Leila at the helm, the rest of the staff also adapted quickly to the many obstacles that the COVID-19 pandemic caused and ran down new solutions for our world famous 4th of July Skiff Raffle and our alway supernaturally fun Halloween Party.  Although these events are decades long institutions for the station, we were able to offer a Boatload of Cash raffle which was a tremendous hit instead of the skiff raffle and worked with a local business to screen the highly antici…pated Rocky Horror Picture Show which was so popular that we had to offer an additional screening!  Leila, Eric, Maria, and Stuart are truly the backbone of KRBD and their dedication to the station and our listening communities could clearly be seen in the efforts over the last year.

KRBD is community radio and that truth could not be seen more clearly than in the many members of our Community Advisory Board which provides perspective and ideas from throughout our listening communities, our many volunteers who DJ our shows and who volunteer at events, and the volunteer KRBD Board that thinks not only of ways to best serve the our communities today but has a vision of how to provide the best service many many years into the future.  Lastly and most importantly, it is our many listeners and supporters of KRBD that truly make KRBD community radio.  The support from our listeners in 2021 was truly remarkable. All of us at KRBD thank you for your support and look forward to another great year serving Southern Southeast Alaska.

CoastAlaska representatives’ report:

KRBD is able to provide the quality and diversity it does due in part to the administrative, technical, and supportive services of CoastAlaska. CoastAlaska helps KRBD with fundraising, membership services, underwriting, payroll, programming, and engineering, among other things, and allows KRBD to focus on the important work of providing quality programming to Southern Southeast Alaska.

2021 was a big year for CoastAlaska. One of the most noteworthy items was the absorption of Alaska Public Broadcasting Incorporated, or ABPI, into the organization to become CoastAlaska Statewide Services. APBI has provided statewide engineering and technical services to many communities throughout the state, as well as administrating the Health Trust for all CoastAlaska employees. The employees and resources of APBI officially became part of CoastAlaska as of October 1.

CoastAlaska facilitated the application for Covid19 assistance funding, including a loan through the Payment Protection Program, which was subsequently forgiven, so member stations do not need to repay the loan. Coast staff, partnering with station managers, worked tirelessly to secure assistance that will enable stations to continue doing their work despite potential revenue shortfalls.

CoastAlaska continues to be a wealth of information and expertise to the KRBD staff. Moving into 2022, Coast will keep working toward organizational goals that will support and continue to develop all the public media entities who rely on it.

KRBD’s representatives on the CoastAlaska Board of Directors are Janice Walker and Vicki O’Brien.

General Manager’s Report:

The theme of my General Manager’s Report for 2021 is Gratitude.

We ended Fiscal Year 21 in June in great shape, financially, because of the generosity of our local communities of Ketchikan, Saxman, Metlakatla and Prince of Wales Island.

Individual membership donations have remained strong, despite economic uncertainty, because you all understand the importance of what we do here at KRBD. We also successfully applied for Covid grants from Ketchikan, Craig and the Alaska Community Foundation to help make up for all the fundraising events we couldn’t have that year; and Ketchikan Community Foundation approved our grant application to replace four verge-of-collapse computers.

FY21 included a great spring pledge drive, a fully-vaccinated staff, and a wonderfully sunny BBQ to celebrate KRBD’s 45th anniversary.

We started FY22 in July, and boy did that start with a bang. We weren’t sure how our annual Fourth of July raffle would go, since we weren’t able to get the traditional skiff. But people seemed to like the idea of $10,000 cash, and for the first time ever, we sold out of raffle tickets!

In August, the station was inspected by an FCC contractor who found no violations (whew), and we have filed for renewal of our license, which is now in process.

Our extremely successful pledge drive this fall included numerous in-person guests (masked). We ended up exceeding the goal for our fall membership revenue! And we had a wonderful event in October that raised some money for KRBD, allowed people to gather safely and have a great time, and resulted in zero known Covid cases!

We are, indeed grateful.

Speaking of grateful, I must thank the wonderful, hardworking staff here at KRBD. Our news director, Eric Stone, works long hours to bring you up to date local news; Program Director Maria Dudzak makes sure all the shows you love play when they should – not nearly as easy as you might think – and she hosts Morning Edition weekdays, bringing reports from local community groups as well as the all-important weather forecast and school lunch menu; and Stuart Whyte works diligently behind the scenes, raising money in a variety of ways to keep this station operating.

As we head into December, we are hoping for an exciting on-air auction Dec. 5th. Please listen and bid on fun holiday gifts! We’re also in the middle of the annual Winter WinnerLand raffle, so I’ll put a plug in for that, too. The top prize is $5,000! Only 400 tickets will be sold, so get yours soon.

Happy holidays to you all, and thank you for your continued generous support of KRBD Community Radio.

In other business during the meeting:

New members Katherine Tatsuda and Tom Heutte will join the KRBD board in January. They will take the seats vacated by Vicki O’Brien and Kim Simpson, both of whom have served their term limits. Thank you to Vicki and Kim for your dedication to community radio for southern Southeast Alaska!

A public comment opportunity was provided, but no public comment was offered during the meeting.

However, anyone can provide input to us at any time! You can send us messages through social media and email, or call us at 907-225-9655 or 1-800-557-5723.