Ketchikan Public Utilities is warning customers of an in-person scam.  An individual claiming to be a KPU employee and dressed in a high-visibility vest was reportedly visiting downtown homes demanding cash payment or services will be disconnected. Kim Simpson is a division manager with KPU.

“We wanted the public to know if a KPU employee comes to the house, they are required to have their KPU badge. It will have a picture of them. It’s an official City of Ketchikan Public Utilities badge. It will have their name on them. And they should never give money to an individual. We do not collect money that way. And at any time they can ask to see the employee’s ID,” Simpson said by phone Friday.

Simpson says the person is described as a tall, white man. She did not have further details. If anyone has encountered anyone perpetrating this scam, Simpson advises them to contact the police.

“I wouldn’t take a picture, necessarily, because you won’t want the person becoming confrontational. But get a good description and immediately contact the police dispatch at 907-225-6631,” Simpson said.

Simpson reiterated that no KPU employee would ever come to a home asking for payment.  She says if anyone is past due on their bills and concerned, they should call KPU Customer Service at 907-225-1000.