The Ketchikan Police Department’s logo is shown on a lectern at KPD headquarters in March. (Eric Stone/KRBD)

Two Ketchikan residents had been charged with dealing methamphetamine following their arrest by a regional drug task force. Ketchikan police said Tuesday that a multi-agency investigation turned up about 2.5 ounces of crystal methamphetamine along with paraphernalia and roughly $6,500 in cash.

Police estimate the value of the seized drugs at more than $14,000.

Police say they first found 28-year-old Daniel Kenyon and 25-year-old Glenda Johnson with the drugs and cash during a traffic stop on Jefferson Street in mid-March, but the pair were not charged until nearly a month later. Johnson and Kenyon were arrested April 15 on felony charges of possession with intent to distribute. The arrests were conducted by Ketchikan police in conjunction with the Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs, a task force made up of local, state and federal agencies.

As of Wednesday, Kenyon and Johnson are out on $2,500 bail and scheduled to appear in court May 17.