The Ketchikan School District seal on display at the superintendent’s office. (KRBD file photo by Leila Kheiry)

Ketchikan’s school board is set to consider a measure that would remove a ban in board policy on superiors dating subordinates. It’s one of two policy changes up for approval Wednesday.

The revision to the board’s policy on employing relatives would shrink a nearly 500-word policy last revised in 2004 down to roughly 150 words.

Just like existing board policy, the draft policy provided by the nonprofit Association of Alaska School Boards prohibits “immediate family members” from supervising each other. But it removes language barring supervisors from holding romantic relationships short of marriage with the people they supervise or evaluate.

The policy change would also retain existing limits on employing immediate family members of school board members or the superintendent.

The other policy change up for school board approval is a minor tweak to a personnel policy that would allow the administration to serve documents to employees via email.

In other business, the board is set to hear updates on negotiations with the district’s special services employees in closed session. The board could approve a new contract afterwards in open session.

Ketchikan’s school board meets at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the White Cliff building. Members of the public can weigh in near the beginning of the meeting. The meeting is broadcast on local cable channels and on the borough’s website.