KRBD is bringing back annual awards! As a valued KRBD member, you can vote for the 2022 Listeners Choice Award. Send an email to with your favorite locally produced KRBD volunteer program. A list is provided below.

The award will be one of three we’ll announce July 16 during our Membership Appreciation Barbecue at Ward Lake! In addition to the Listeners Choice award, KRBD staff will choose a Volunteer of the Year, and we will present the Rusty Rainbird Award to the longest-serving KRBD volunteer.

The barbecue is our way to thank YOU, our members, for all your support of KRBD. We will provide the grillables and their accessories, along with soft drinks. We’re asking guests to help with sides, such as chips or salads, and desserts and alternative beverages of your choosing. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have some fun, socialize a little with your neighbors, and celebrate KRBD Community Radio!

The star of the barbecue will be our POTATO SALAD CONTEST!!!

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Potato Salad.

We are asking culinary artists to bring their BEST potato salad– we don’t care how many we end up with.

You can sample them all and then vote for your favorite! The winner gets a special prize, along with major bragging rights.

KRBD staff and board members will start setting up for the July 16 barbecue around 11 a.m., with a noonish start time for lunch. The potato salad contest starts at 1 p.m., and we’ll give people until 2 to finish sampling and voting for their favorite.

We’re excited to host this event for our membership! It would be helpful to know if you plan to attend, so we know how much food to buy, and if you plan to enter the POTATO SALAD CONTEST!

RSVP if you know you can make it, but if it’s a last-minute decision you are still very welcome. Thank you for your support of community radio!


KRBD locally produced programs:


  • Sunday Classical
  • The Jazz Room
  • Classically Driven
  • The Show Formerly Known as Sunday Jazz


  • Jan’s Place
  • Poetry Lounge
  • The Mindless Side of Town


  • Willie’s Mixed Bag
  • Reading the Classics
  • Eclectic Ladyland


  • Over the Hump
  • The Breakfast Show
  • After Hours


  • NirBonna
  • Book Talk
  • Babblefish


  • Fresh Friday
  • TGI Awesome
  • DesiVibes
  • Music In The Night


  • Early Classical
  • Howlin’ Gales
  • Prehistoric Rock
  • Island Exposure