Voters cast ballots at Ketchikan’s Precinct 2 at the Plaza Mall in October 2021. (Eric Stone/KRBD)

Embattled Ketchikan City Council candidate Dave Timmerman has officially ended his campaign and is asking residents not to vote for him after KRBD published an investigation into his criminal history.

Ketchikan City Clerk Kim Stanker said in an email Tuesday that Timmerman filed a formal request late Monday afternoon to withdraw from the race. But because he filed his request after the ballot was finalized on Aug. 25, Timmerman’s name will appear on the Oct. 4 ballot.

“We had a discussion that it was his responsibility to notify the public and the media of his filing to withdraw,” Stanker said.

If Timmerman gets the most votes in the three-candidate field, Stanker said he could still be seated on the council. Timmerman did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Court records show Timmerman was convicted in 2018 of violating a restraining order that stemmed from his relationship with an 18-year-old woman while he was 46. He also pleaded guilty to assault after police accused him of trying to intimidate a witness in a separate case involving his mother-in-law.

Timmerman apologized in a Facebook post Monday evening and asked residents not to vote for him.

“This is one official notice to the City residents to NOT vote for me in the upcoming election. I’m very sorry that I hurt people over this. It was never my intention and I want the people I did hurt to heal. Hopefully this is a step towards that,” Timmerman said in the post.

Timmerman changed his mind about staying in the race several times after his past conduct came to light.

When KRBD first asked about his history, Timmerman said people already knew about the convictions, and he encouraged anyone with questions to reach out to him personally.

Shortly afterwards, Timmerman sent a message to a KRBD reporter saying he would end his campaign. Then, in a subsequent phone call, he reversed himself and said he would let voters decide whether he should be on the council. He said on Facebook the following day that he would exit the race.

Timmerman said he is “looking at” moving out of town at the end of the summer tourism season.

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