Here at KRBD, we’re accountable to you, to the community. Now more than ever, we all need reporting for the community and by the community, especially in these challenging times.

That’s why this year, we partnered with Report for America, to bring you stories we were stretched too thin to write before. Raegan Miller has been covering stories important to our Indigenous and Asian-heritage community members, as well as stories relevant to Prince of Wales Island in general.

Report for America helped catalyze this work by supporting half of Raegan’s salary because they believe in local journalism for the community, supported by the community.

Now, we’re counting on you to match their support. If you think we need more reporting like Raegan’s, please make a gift today. 

In addition to the Report For America match, donations this month are eligible for other matching funds. 

Everyone who donates during the month of December will be entered in a drawing for two round-trip tickets on Alaska Airlines! The winner will be announced on Friday, December 30th. Entry in the drawing without a donation is Tuesday, December 27th from 9-10 AM.

In addition, the Christensen Family Fund has generously offered a matching challenge of $500. And CoastAlaska, which includes KRBD, has been selected to receive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) partner matching funds and Walton Family Foundation funds, both through NewsMatch. 

The DEI Partner Fund is awarded to select organizations led by and/or serving persons of color and is supported by Knight Foundation and the Heising-Simons Foundation. 

Support from community members like you means that we’re first and foremost accountable to serving the interests of our community—just like we always have been. We report to you. 

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