Change – it can be difficult and painful. Change is also vital for growth. It’s transformative, and can make things better and stronger. Change gives us an opportunity to try new things…to see things in a new way.

Things are changing here at KRBD. We want to say a heartfelt thank you to Leila Kheiry for steering the ship that is KRBD in a positive direction, for the past 3 and a half years, as our General Manager. Soon, someone new will take up the role of GM, and lead us into a changing future with new vision and innovation. We know they will help us navigate the uncertain waters ahead with confidence.

For now, we’re staying the course. The staff and volunteers that you’ve heard on-air for years, and grown to know and love will be right here with you.

This is our invitation to you to step up your connection to KRBD – right here, right now.

If you’ve been a listener for years, now is the time to become a donor, a volunteer, or both. Help us with a show, help us with an event, or help us log A&P receipts.

If you’ve been a donor at a certain level for a while, either annually or as a sustaining member, now is the time to increase your contribution.

KRBD’s Spring Membership Drive is April 10th through 16th. Seven days where we’ll be on the air thanking all the wonderful people who give to KRBD for their support, and where we’ll be asking you, your friends, and your neighbors to do the same.

Why wait? Give now during our Quiet Drive to be entered in a drawing for two round-trip Alaska Airlines tickets, a $2,500 value. #makingflyingmatter

Donate online by clicking here. You can also call us at 907-225-9655 or 800-557-5723.

Change…it’s good for the soul.

Thank you for your support of Community Radio KRBD. Now, and into the future.