Tuesday was the first day Ketchikan residents could file to run for office in the municipal election this fall. And people are already signing up.

Planning Commission Chair Sharli Arntzen on Tuesday filed for a seat on the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly. Arntzen is also a real estate broker and proprietor of Providence Properties. This is her first stab at an elected position. Ketchikan’s Planning Commission members are appointed by the Borough Mayor and confirmed by the Assembly.

Arntzen says with her experience in real estate and having served on the planning commission for nine years she sees housing as one of the biggest issues facing the community.

“How do we address that? How do we deal with that? How do we bring quality services with the resources that we have to our community?”

Arntzen says she’s also concerned about the borough’s budget.

“I’ve been in business myself, in one capacity or another, since I was 19 years old. So I feel like I can bring that unique perspective to the table.”

Borough Clerk Kacie Paxton says that if elected, Arntzen would have to resign from the Planning Commission.

On Wednesday afternoon, current school board member Paul Robbins, Jr. filed for Borough Assembly as well. 

There are three 3-year seats open on the Borough Assembly. Those seats are currently held by Jeremy Bynam, Judith McQuerry, and A.J. Pierce. Pierce is unable to run due to term limits.

Also open are two 3-year seats on the Ketchikan School Board, currently held by Diane Gubatayao and Paul Robbins Jr. On Wednesday, Robb Arnold filed for school board. He was unavailable for comment. Arnold ran unsuccessfully for a spot on the school board last year. Arnold also is running for City Council.

On the city side, there are three 3-year seats open on the Ketchikan City Council. Those are currently held by Jack Finnegan, Riley Gass, and Abby Bradberry. 

In addition to Arnold, former City Council member Judy Zenge, who served from 2013 to 2022, also filed for City Council on Wednesday.

As of 2 pm Wednesday, no additional candidates filed for office.

The filing deadline for both city and borough offices is 5 pm on Friday, August 25. Municipal elections are on October 3.

KRBD plans to speak with other candidates as the election season progresses.

NOTE: KRBD currently does not have any full-time reporters. We will do our best to provide regular election updates as staff time allows.