These fish tails are mostly salmon with one exception. Clockwise, starting at the left: pink salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon, steelhead (a migrating rainbow trout), coho salmon. (Photo by Angela Denning)

The salmon season in Southeast Alaska is wrapping up.

The big takeaway so far?  The fish were there but the market wasn’t.

Chum and pink runs were very strong but many processors slashed prices and stopped buying the fish early. They blamed a global glut of salmon.

Bo Meredith has been working with salmon in Southeast for nearly 25 years, first as a commercial fisherman and then as an area management biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. He’s based out of Ketchikan.

He spoke with CoastAlaska’s Angela Denning about what state managers have been seeing with this year’s salmon runs, starting with king salmon.