Local Content Services:

KRBDs goal is to serve our communities to the best of our ability, delivering local news, state and national news, local weather, government information, community meeting notices, community event information, Emergency Alert System notices, and any information that creates and sustains community as we reach out to all segments of the community to encourage access to the airwaves, enabling the people of Southern Southeast Alaska to share their ideas and cultures with the community at large. Information is provided on the air, on our website, through online streaming, and on Facebook and Twitter. We strive to provide listeners with a broad range of art, cultural entertainment and ideas from other parts of the world, to initiate analysis and dialog, and to promote understanding among people through these presentations.  KRBD is a community radio station that seeks to inform, engage, enlighten and delight; to make a positive difference in the lives of the people in Southern Southeast Alaska. As a staff of four full-time employees and one part-time employee, we engage the help of more than 55 on-air volunteers offering a variety of music genres. Throughout the year, more than 60 different local organizations regularly report on their activities during Morning Edition interviews.  KRBD sits on the Local Emergency Planning Committee and participates in emergency response training exercises. In 2016, KRBD became the Local Provider 1 for the EmergencyAlertSystem (EAS). We sent our finalized Broadcast Response Plan for our listening areas of Ketchikan and the Village of Saxman, as well as the communities of Craig, Klawock, Hydaburg, Hollis and Thorne Bay on Prince of Wales Island to the State of Alaska Homeland Security group.

KRBD is a member of the CoastAlaska Group in Southeast Alaska. Through this membership, we share news, accounting offices, engineering and IT support, training for news staff, development staff, and managers.  Managers, news reporters and development directors meet monthly or bi-monthly, and share ideas and strategies, plan fundraisers, collaborate on story ideas pertaining to residents in Southeast, and consult one another on joint platform contracts and best practices.

Locally, KRBD collaborates with our local arts and humanities council to record and air stories from their one-hour live program titled ”Mostly True Stories From Latitude 56.” The stories can be found on our website as well.

We encourage local musicians to provide us with a CD of their music for possible broadcast.

We feature  Ask UAS presentations on our website.

We engineer and air PSAs made by elementary school children on the social skills to practice in school, on the playground, and in life.

KRBD and two other CoastAlaska stations successfully collaborated on an annual fundraiser with S.A.I.L. (Southeast Adult Independent Living) and subsequently took ownership of the event. This collaboration involved new volunteers and venues.

KRBD airs a Monday morning call-in show featuring a variety of guests with experience in all matter of subjects of interest to the community. Guests impart information on best practices, whether it’s about weather-proofing your home for the colder months, getting a garden prepped for winter, planting in the spring, or what to do in the case of water issues in the home. They provide lists of reliable resources for materials and instruction. All of these interviews receive calls asking questions or adding comments to the discussion.

Working with the three local Native language instructors who taught classes at Ketchikan Indian Community,  KRBD aired language phrases in Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian during weekday Morning Edition segments. These language modules can still be found on our website under “Our Voices Will Be Heard on the Land Once Again.” Shortly after, KIC revamped its language department and currently only has one instructor. In an effort to continue with the Native language modules, KRBD worked independently with the Haida and Tsimshian teachers. In February 2016, we began airing the new modules titled “Conversations from the Shores of Revillagigedo in Haida and Tsimshian.”  These conversations build on the previous program.  We will continue working with the teachers in an effort to preserve recorded lessons and share them with our listeners on the air and on our website.

CPB funding enables KRBD to maintain a current staff of four full-time employees. With a listening area of 20,000 people and dwindling state funds, CPB funding helps us maintain the current level of service our listeners expect and need. While the community has access to a daily newspaper, we are the only broadcaster that airs local and state news casts every weekday night and national news every night. KRBD is the only broadcaster that listeners on Prince of Wales Island have access to for local news, plus state and national news, EAS alerts, weather updates, community events, and entertainment. CPB funding ensures that these vital services continue.

We also adhere to the Public Media Code of Integrity http://www.codeofintegrity.org/

Interested in joining the KRBD Community Advisory Board? The Advisory Board meets twice a year, Spring and Fall, to discuss ways the station can better serve the community’s diverse population. This year’s members are:
 Lori Ortiz, Maggie Freitag, Willie Smith, Janalee Gage, Sheila Miller- Board President, Stuart Whyte- Development Director, Deb Turnbull- General Manager.  For more information, call Deb at 225-9655 or stop by the station during business hours M-F. Our next meeting is scheduled for December 19th, 2017 at noon at the station 1101 Copper Ridge Lane. KRBD will provide a light lunch during the meeting.