Local Content Services:

KRBD’s mission is to inform, educate and engage public dialogue through the delivery of national, state and local news broadcasts, and a variety of programming, and to provide on-air access  for community voices. Local non-profits give weekly reports on their activities and how community members can be involved as do our two municipalities. Over fifty volunteers host musical shows featuring a wide variety of genres. The University of Alaska, Southeast, PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center, the Coast Guard, and a number of local emergency management groups share information and resources on air regularly. During election season we air candidate call-in forums. All of which are available on our website, through social media, and by streaming.

As a member of the CoastAlaska Group, we share news with six other regional stations and with Alaska Public Media. Through this membership, we also share accounting offices, engineering and IT support, training for news staff, development staff, and managers.  Managers, news reporters and development directors meet monthly or bi-monthly, and share ideas and strategies, plan fundraisers, collaborate on story ideas pertaining to residents in Southeast, and consult one another on joint platform contracts and best practices. While we only have one full time reporter, we are committed to covering our local monthly/biweekly government meetings.

KRBD is a member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee.

We collaborate with the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council on their story project “Stories from Latitude 56,” which we air after the latest live story telling event.                                                                 

We also partner with the University of Alaska Southeast featuring faculty presentations on our website.                                                                           

In addition, we collaborate with Ketchikan Indian Corporation language teachers offering Tsimshian and Haida Native languages on-air and online.                                                                                 

The Ketchikan Charter School continues with their program on building social skills at school and in everyday life. Students condense paragraphs on how to be a friend, how to avoid conflicts, how to not be a bully, etc. down to a 30 second message which they voice for a Public Service Announcement. Three to four students will voice one message together. We mix their message with a music bed while they are with us so that they can experience the whole process.  We introduce them to public radio and public service, and they get to hear themselves on the radio with messages that relate to all people, no matter their age.                                                                         

KRBD’s coverage of the City Council, Borough Assembly, and School Board meetings receives comments on our Facebook page from people who are not necessarily listening, but using Facebook as access to our news feeds. These comments often become conversations between interested community members.                                                                                                                                                KRBD also continues to air a diverse Monday Morning Edition Call-in show featuring a variety of subjects addressing public safety, gardening, parenting skills, emergency planning, boating safety, tax preparation and resources, crosswalk etiquette and safety, and tourism impacts on the community to name a few.

As the Local Primary 1 for EAS alerts, we’ve been airing PSAs addressing emergency responses in Tagalog for the past year. This year we plan to issue alerts in Tagalog. Working with the Local Emergency Planning Committee we regularly air our emergency response messaging alerting listeners to the systems in place to deliver alerts and what to do in the event of a disaster.

CPB funding enables KRBD to maintain a staff of four full-time employees. With a listening area of 20,000 people and dwindling state funds, CPB funding helps us maintain the current level of service our listeners expect and need. While the community has access to a daily newspaper, we are the only broadcaster that airs local and state news casts every weekday night and national news every night. KRBD is also the Local Provider 1 for EAS alerts for communities on Prince of Wales Island, as well as weather updates, and a weekly community events report-The Craig Report- on Friday mornings.  CPB funding ensures that these vital services continue. CPB’s funding accounts for more than 25% of our budgeted revenue. Without the support of CPB we could no longer afford four full time employees. The funding from CPB is as critical as it has always been to the success of community radio station, KRBD in Ketchikan, Alaska and the communities of Craig, Klawock, Thorne Bay, Hydaburg and Hollis on Prince of Wales Island.