KRBD will hold a CAB meeting from noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, October 30th, at the station: 1101 Copper Ridge Lane. The meeting is open to the public.

KRBD’s Community Advisory Board is a group of citizens that meets regularly — at least four times a year — to provide public input about the station.

The CAB can review station programming goals, services and policy decisions. CAB members also provide recommendations for how the station can meet specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting requires that we list the names of CAB members. KRBD is currently recruiting members of the public to sit on the CAB. Residents of Metlakatla and Prince of Wales Island who would like to participate can do so telephonically.

If you are interested in becoming a CAB member, please contact KRBD at 907-225-9655; or 1-800-557-5723.

Community Advisory Board members:

  • Janalee Gage
  • Alma Parker
  • Willie Smith
  • Terri Robbins
  • John Logsdon
  • Heather Dickerson
  • Zoe Sobel
  • Sara Massman
  • Grant EchoHawk
  • Vicki O’Brien (KRBD Board President)
  • Joey Tillson (KRBD Board Member)