Key 1

1st Clue: The founder of this business once worked for the “Best Airlines in Alaska.”

2nd Clue: Soon to celebrate its 30th year in business, this company has had three owners and three locations.

3rd Clue: When visitors ask to see a totem pole, the workers at this business just have to point.

Key 2:
1st Clue: Does anyone remember Roy and Pete?

2nd Clue: 1970 was not a good year for this business

3rd Clue: This business was the first stop for miners hoping to strike it rich

Key 3:
1st Clue: Before getting into its current business, the family that founded this company made sure Ketchikan had plenty of milk
2nd Clue: This business previously merged with two other companies that were created in the earliest days of Ketchikan
3rd Clue: This business is now part of a regional company that started in 1892