The KRBD Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of the month at KRBD at 1101 Copper Ridge Lane at 6 p.m. except in the months of July and December. Meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates may be changed by consensus of the board.

KRBD posts public notices of all board, committee and CAB meetings on its website at least one week prior to the meeting. 

Vicki O’Brien- KRBD Board President

Glenn Brown – KRBD Board Vice President

Gail Slentz – KRBD Board Member/ POW Representative

Peter Amylon – KRBD Board Secretary

Robert Kern– KRBD Board Member

Mike Gates– KRBD Board Member

Tom Heutte – KRBD Board Treasurer

Eugene O’Brien– KRBD Board Member

Jai Mahtani – KRBD Board Member

Joey Jean Tillson – KRBD Board Member


Standing board committees: (meetings scheduled as needed)

Finance: Tom Heutte, Peter Amylon, Jai Mahtani, Bob Kern, Glenn Brown, Vicki O’Brien

Events:  Vicki O’Brien, Mike Gates, Joey Jean Tillson, Eugene O’Brien; Jai Mahtani, Glenn Brown

Membership: Vicki O’Brien,  Peter Amylon, Joey Jean Tillson, Joey Jean Tillson

Technology (ad hoc): Vicki O’Brien, Bob Kern, Eugene O’Brien, Peter Amylon, Joey Jean Tillson


(Updated July 13, 2022)