Update: Tickets are now available to purchase online via Paypal. $50 each! Just let us know which board member sent you by including their name in the message box at checkout.

KRBD’s Board Members can be a little competitive when it comes to raffle ticket sales. But with social-distancing mandates, they can’t get out into the community to hawk their tickets!

They can, however, sell KRBD Birthday Raffle tickets over the phone, taking credit card information and texting or emailing a photo of your ticket to you. (Only 300 tickets sold, and four chances to win $1,000!)

To help our board in this effort, and have some fun, we’re turning raffle sales into a game! The board member with the most sales wins bragging rights, a gold star and — like all KRBD contests — a bag of Raven’s Brew coffee! YOU could win much more, of course. Click here to find out details.

Below is a list of our board members, and their sales so far. Those who have submitted bios, poems or stories also have a link to their own page on this website, which they can share on social media to amp up sales!

Help your favorite KRBD Board Member win!

Tia Atkinson: 17 sold

Glenn Brown: 7 sold

Kent Colby: 19 sold

Grant EchoHawk: 15 sold

Mike Gates: 5 sold

Bob Kern: No bio yet! If you’d like to buy a ticket from Bob, please send an email to kfmj@mac.com

Gene O’Brien: 1 sold

Vicki O’Brien: 1 sold

Kim Simpson:

Gail Slentz: 2 sold

Kalvin Traudt: 5 sold; No bio yet! If you’d like to buy a ticket from Kal, please send an email to clatonia_1@yahoo.com.