KRBD is membership supported. Your financial contribution makes public radio possible, and we thank you for your support.

How do I fix a membership problem? Contact Stuart at 907-225-9655 or 1-800-557-5723. Let us know right away if we’ve made a mistake regarding your membership: a misspelled name, wrong address, duplicate mailing, or billing error. We’ll take care of the problem as soon as we hear from you!

Do you sell your membership list? Please be assured that we never sell or exchange our mailing list.

How do I get my thank you gift? You can come into the station to pick it up weekdays between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM. If you live in another community we will mail your premium to you. Please note: you must pay your pledge before any gift will be mailed!

Is my gift tax deductible? If you itemize on your federal tax returns, your membership pledge or other donation to KRBD is tax deductible to the full extent of the tax code. IRS regulations now require that we acknowledge, in writing, most gifts to us, and that we send you a statement which shows your donation minus the fair market value of any gifts we send you. In most cases, this is far more than we actually pay for the gift, but the regulations require that we calculate the “fair market” value. We send this information directly to you — we are not required to report contributions to the IRS.

What rights do I have as a member? Some of the most important privileges of membership are your right to attend board meetings and to run for the board yourself. Members are invited and encouraged to participate in the annual meeting in the fall and to voice their opinions on any aspects of the corporation’s business.

What’s the minimum gift to be a member? Dues are part of your membership payment. Minimum dues which establish membership are $60 per year or $30 per year for students and seniors.