KRBD is a community radio station that seeks to inform, engage, enlighten and delight to make a positive difference in the lives of the people of Southern Southeast Alaska.

Our Mission is to:

• Provide Southern Southeast Alaskans with basic health and safety information – including weather, emergency notices and basic communication services.

• Provide quality local, state, national and international broadcast news to our listening area.

• To reach out to all segments of the community to encourage access to the airwaves, enabling the people of Southern Southeast Alaska to share their ideas and cultures with the community at large. This includes special efforts to reach minorities.

• Provide listeners with a broad range of art, culture, entertainment and ideas from other parts of the world … initiate analysis and dialogue and promote understanding among people through these presentations.

Financial Statements:

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Code Of Integrity:

Diversity Statement:

KRBD strives to cultivate diversity by our commitment to the following:

By airing diverse and inclusive programming for all people in our listening audience

By searching for diversity in age, gender, education, and race for employment opportunities

By building a Board of Directors representative of people of diverse ethnicity, age, socioeconomic class and gender

By enlisting an eclectic mix of volunteers to broadcast daily volunteer music shows

By providing opportunities for all local non-profits to air organizational reports during Morning Edition

By keeping an open door for groups represented across the community for Public Service Announcements

By airing call-in candidate forum opportunities every election season

By airing call-in shows from a diverse mix of municipal, educational and governmental agencies aimed at public education and awareness of recognized best practices


EEO reports:

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