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Episode 648: The Benefits of Bankruptcy

When Roddey Player's business started heading south, he did everything he could to avoid the big failure: bankruptcy. But what's painful for Roddey might just be the secret weapon of the U.S. economy.

Lives Displaced By Central Park Take Center Stage In New Play

The land that became New York City's Central Park was once home to Manhattan's first-known community of African-American property owners. A new play explores how eminent domain forced them out.

26 Years Old, And 7 Years Sober

By the time Ben Yeager realized his drinking "phase" was really a habit, it was almost too late. He shares his story.

What It's Like To Lead A Food Startup Under Fire By The FDA

Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick's signature product, Just Mayo, has put him at odds with the egg industry and FDA.

Economy Adds 173,000 Jobs, Reaches 'Full Employment' In August

The U.S. unemployment rate is down to its lowest level since 2008, but fewer jobs were added than economists expected.

Trump's Pledge And Speaking Spanish Drive Week In 2016 News

Julie Mason of "Press Pool" and Margaret Talev of Bloomberg News round up the week in presidential campaign politics.

A Few Surprises But No Major Upsets (Yet) At U.S. Open

Sports Illustrated's Jon Wertheim talks about the tournament so far, including a number of heat-related injuries and a drone crash.

Video Series Takes On Policing, Prison In America

Hollywood producer and director Matthew Cooke has launched a weekly online video commentary called "Survivors Guide to Earth."

Word Change In Missouri Law Raises Tuition For Undocumented Students

A small language change to a bill in the state legislature is having a big effect on some college students' futures.

Remembering Emmett Till And America's 'Disappeared'

Hundreds of black Americans were killed in racial violence from 1930 to 1960, including 14-year-old Emmett Till.