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Business Of Disaster: Local Recovery Programs Struggle To Help Homeowners

State and local disaster relief programs are leaving communities impacted by Superstorm Sandy confused by the dizzying array of directives on how to rebuild.

Even With Bundy Behind Bars, 'Range War' Lives On For Some Ranchers

Cliven Bundy and many of his militia followers are now in jail, but some Western ranchers vow to continue defying the federal government when it comes to cattle grazing on public lands.

Celebrating The Class Of 2016: Peace Odiase

Odiase is one of two valedictorians at Fisk University, a historically black college in Nashville, Tennessee.

New Chewable, Fruit-Flavored ADHD Drugs Generating Controversy

One new drug, Adzenys, got FDA approval in January, and went on the market last week.

Senate Votes To Block New Rule On Retirement Advice

The rule requires brokers to act in the best interest of their clients when it comes to retirement accounts.

What Foreign Policy Challenges Will The Next President Face?

President Obama came into office promising to end wars, but he'll leave the White House with thousands of American troops still on the ground.

African Crocodiles Found In Florida Everglades

University of Florida professor Frank Mazzotti says Floridians don't need to panic – yet.

Exxon Investors Float Climate Measures To Shrink Company From Within

Investors will vote on whether or not to cut spending on new oil exploration in the Arctic, among other proposals.

Why A Parsons Student Designed A Collection For Syrian Refugees

Angela Luna's clothing designs can double as tents, sleeping bags, flotation devices, child carriers and more.

DJ Sessions: Colorado's Under-The-Radar Music Scene

There's a lot happening music-wise in Colorado that you might not expect, from rap to electronica.