If you’re at the store anyway, and want to add something to your cart for KRBD, here’s a list of simple items we regularly use:

  • Copy Paper!
  • Steno pads for taking notes
  • Those plastic mats that go under rolling office chairs to protect carpet (do they even have a name?)
  • We’ll take your Alaskan and Proud grocery store receipts! Through those receipts, we get store credit to reduce event costs. There’s a drop box in the front hall just for A&P receipts.


Thank you to the generous supporter who donated shelves! They will help keep us organized.


Below are some more “specialty” items that we’re in need of. If you’re interested in helping us with these items, let us know ahead of time and we’ll get brands, etc., to you. Call us at 907-225-9655.

  • Microphone covers
  • CD players for the two production rooms (we had a donation that will help pay for at least one. Thank you!)
  • Office chairs
  • On-site recording kits for the newsroom (ideally two)

Thank you to the generous supporter who donated funds to buy new microphones and headphones!