The Ketchikan City Council on Thursday asked staff to perform some maintenance on a contested portion of Hillside Road, but didn’t accept ownership of that part of the street.

The city owns and maintains the road only up to a certain point. Beyond that, the street is in poor condition, but the city considers it a private driveway. Two homes are on the unmaintained section, and the residents hoped the city would help.

Mayor Lew Williams III said it’s unfortunate for the homeowners, but the city can’t accept full responsibility for that part of the street.

“We gave management direction to put the barriers, make sure they’re all back up in place, maybe do some snow removal, but we did not take the responsibility of paving the section there,” he said.

Also on Thursday, the Council rejected one contract appeal and accepted a second from BAM construction.

Williams said city management agreed with BAM’s argument that S&S General Contractors should have attended a pre-bid meeting. The $150,000 contract will replace equipment at the wastewater treatment plant.

BAM was awarded that contract as the next-lowest bidder. The Council gave S&S the other job, a $460,000 contract to improve Copper Ridge Lane where the new library is going up.