Three locals were arraigned in court today for felony drug charges following a months-long police investigation.

Sharlene Cannon, 19 years old, faces one charge of misconduct involving a controlled substance in the fourth degree and promoting contraband in the first degree, both C felonies. Christopher Kittsmiller, 39 years old, is charged with three counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance in the third degree, B felonies. Olive Natkong, 28 years old, is also charged with two counts of misconduct involving controlled substances in the third degree, B felonies, as well as one count in the fifth degree, an A misdemeanor.

The three have been under police investigation for several months. Kittsmiller has been in custody since March on separate drug charges, and Natkong and Cannon were arrested this week.

According to court documents, both Natkong and Kittsmiller sold methamphetamine to a confidential police informant throughout early spring and summer of this year. Kittsmiller allegedly sold three baggies of methamphetamine worth $300 to the informant between November 2013 and his arrest in March. Natkong also allegedly sold two baggies worth $200 to the informant in May and June. Police say they found five hydrocodone pills in Natkong’s pocket when she was arrested. Cannon was arrested Wednesday for the felony drug charges stemming from the investigation, and police say they found a baggie of methamphetamine on her person after Cannon allegedly denied possessing illegal drugs.

Cannon’s bail was set at $2,500, Kittsmiller’s at $20,000 and Natkong’s at $5,000. All three are scheduled to appear Oct. 3.